With this idea, I solely conceived and created the concepts in order to further advertise Cboe’s digital products and create conversations between Cboe employees and potential clients.
These coffee cups would have been used at conferences either by Cboe employees handing out beverages or by Cboe sponsoring the beverages’ stand and supplying the cups.
Being digital products, they can never be held in the physical world, this idea was a way for potential clients to ‘hold’ a Cboe product and to learn about it; they would even have the ability to scan the QR code to directly use the product on their smartphone.
The coffee cup designs were created within Cboe’s brand. Each pattern on the coffee cups was designed to mirror the affect that the beverage has on the user.
A bespoke icon was designed to combine hot beverages with the Financial world; I used a bar graph to represent the beverage’s hot steam.
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