To create this recruitment campaign for the global bank ING, I had to research the brand. I found that ING’s brand shows real people with all types of colourful personalities, so it was important for my campaign to show this.
After learning how ING advertise I knew that the ‘call to action’ line had to speak to the Software Developer target audience on a personal level. Having found a live role on ING’s career website, I distilled the text, and discovered this line in the job description “In your future squad / team...”, this instantly reminded me that when working in a team you are also a squad, on a mission to succeed, working collaboratively and skilfully, like a squadron of fighter pilots; therefore I chose to depict a model wearing flight goggles.
To bring the idea on brand I matched the typeface along with their holding shapes, taking note of the disjointed positioning on other ING adverts. I also changed the colour of the model’s shirt and bow tie to orange, to further bring it into the ING brand. The end result is a responsive advert for Google Display that matches ING’s brand along with their values and behaviours.
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